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With more than 50 million members in 20 countries, Snapfish is one of the most popular web-based photo sharing and print services in the world. With a free Snapfish membership, customers get unlimited storage space and an individual website address so they can share pictures with friends and family. Snapfish offers a diverse array of services, not just in digital photography. Members can even upload videos. For those who still enjoy using good old fashioned film, customers can send their rolls to Snapfish using conventional postal mail. Snapfish then develops the prints and posts them online, eliminating the need for photo scanners. Customers also have the opportunity to create all sorts of personalized gifts including but not limited to, photo books, calendars, posters, photo mugs, mouse pads, key chains, jewelry, and more, all at an affordable price. Professionally developed prints cost only 9 cents each. For customers with a pre-paid plan, 4″ x 6″ prints can be as cheap as 8 cents each and developing a roll of film is only $2.99 each. Not only are the products affordable, they can also be conveniently delivered to the customer’s home or picked up at a Walgreen’s store. With very competitive prices, excellent customer service, and high quality products, Snapfish has something for everyone.

Get your FREE 20 Prints from Snapfish now.

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