Try MyFax and send faxes instantly through your email

Get 30-Days FREE! Try MyFax now. fax to email service is an online, convenient way to send a fax to anyone or receive faxes using your own email address. Anywhere you can access your email, you can fax—making one of the easiest ways to fax today. There are no fees for setup, no hidden charges, and best of all, no software necessary to begin sending and receiving your faxes. frees you from the requirement of heavy equipment, a separate phone line, and reams of fax paper. Overall, the service can save you money as compared to traditional ways of faxing files. And because your faxes are sent through email, it can be a greener way to send and receive documents. It’s an inexpensive service at only $10 US per month for a single fax number. This includes up to one hundred faxes sent and two hundred faxes received per month, more than the top leading competitors offer (these prices refer to domestic faxes; international faxes cost additional).

If you need to send or receive additional faxes, these cost only ten cents per additional fax sent or received. If you have additional email addresses, you can add those for a fee; supports up to five total unique email addresses. These prices seem best suited for individual users and small businesses. Larger businesses may wish to contact to set up a customized fax service at a different price, what the site refers to as “Enterprise Faxing.”

The site offers many useful features to make sending and receiving faxes easy for the typical user. includes an address book, eContacts, accessible through the online interface used for sending faxes. There are 178 different file formats supported, from common formats like Microsoft Word to image files like JPG and GIF. Up to eight different files can be attached and sent in one fax. Outlookusers can even download and use a toolbar to easily send faxes from within that program.

Faxes sent and received are secured through SSL encryption and because they are sent through an online submission process, you can rest assured that no one but the recipient(s) will read your fax. Once you have received or sent a fax, you will be notified via email at your registered email address. This notification will tell you how much your fax cost as well as whether it was sent successfully or not. This feature is very useful for budgeting and for determining if a follow-up fax or phone call is necessary.

Customer support is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in case of questions or concerns. Many support questions can also be easily answered using the online support database. offers convenient monthly pay as you go pricing. If you decide that the service is no longer for you, you can cancel. Or, you can choose a handy discounted annual plan if you’ve tried MyFax and you like what you see. Overall, can make fax services easy, reliable, and inexpensive.

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